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Event calendar


  • Jazzinec                                                                                    February - April   
    The International festival of Jazz music
    Organizer: Alternativa pro kulturu, www.jazzinec.cz


  • Carrying out the death spirit – welcoming spring
    Events for children with a lantern procession
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz, Středisko volného času Trutnov, www.svctrutnov.cz

  • Easter at Dům pod jasanem
    Creative workshops for young and old, for boys and girls – painting gingerbreads, decorating eggs, straw nuts, spring decorations and traditional customs and snacks.
    Organizer: Tkalcovské muzeum, www.dumpodjasanem.cz

  • Easter Egg Hunt
    Finding the Easter Treasure in the Dolce Resort
    Organizer: Rekreační areál Dolce, www.kemp-dolce.cz


  • Burning witches
    It is an old folk custom with a cultural program
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz


  • They are already carrying him! – Dragon Festival
    It is an unique celebration which commemorates the legend of establishing a city with a rich offer of cultural programs, demonstrations of traditional crafts and many other attractions not only for children. On Saturday after dark, they bring in the glorious creatures led by the mythical knight Albrecht of Trautenberg, a dragon to be handed on the tower of the Old Town Hall, where they remain throughout the summer.
    Organizer: Trutnov - město draka, www.trutnovmestodraka.cz

  • Trutnov Wine Festival
    Wine tasting with dulcimer music and evening entertainment in the square
    Organizer: Přátelé dobrého vína, www.vinaritrutnov.cz
  • Behind the Dragon of Trutnov

    Tourist and cycling trips with an interesting places around the city. Walking routes 10-15km, cycling 15-100km. You can enjoy the refreshment in the park.
    Organizer: Klub českých turistů, www.kcttrutnov.cz

  • Cirk-UFF
    The New Circus Festival, during which the theater hall at UFFU and the adjacent circus, as well as the streets of the city, will be filled with jugglers, acrobats, all those who belong to the new circus.
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz


    One of the most popular Czech drinks in many variants with an accompanying music program
    Organizer: SAVAGE COMPANY, www.pivofest.cz
  • Ultralight Aircraft Flight
    Organizer: Dračí letka Trutnov, www.draciletka.cz
  • Dragon Boats in Dolce
    The original Dragon Boat Race for the Traveling Cup of Trutnov
    Organizer: Rekreační areál Dolce, www.kemp-dolce.cz
  • Battle Day – June 27, 1866
    Memorial event. for the victorious battle on the northern battlefield of the Prussian-Austrian War in 1866 with the participation of the Military History Club of Trutnov.
    Organizer: Město Trutnov, www.trutnov.cz, KVH Trutnov, www.trutnov.1866.cz
  • Statues in Trutnov
    Every year the external exhibition of contemporary art will enrich the public space of the city.
    Organizer: Galerie města Trutnova, www.galerietu.cz
  • Dolce Fest
    Opening of the summer season in the Dolce Recreational Complex with a music bands festival.
    Organizer: Rekreační areál Dolce, www.kemp-dolce.cz
  • Krakonos Cyklomaraton
    Cycling trail around Trutnov with a various difficulty levels of tracks.
    Organizer: Svazek obcí Východní Krkonoše, www.krakonosuvcyklomaraton.cz


  • Obscene Extreme festival
    An International Open air Festival of extreme music on the battlefield area. 
    Organizer: OBSCENE Productions, www.obsceneextreme.cz
  • Day of Krkonose crafts in Dům pod jasanem
    Demonstration and tasting of traiditional crafts such as spinning, weawing, crocheting, pottery or woodworking on a lathe.
    Organizer: Tkalcovské muzeum, www.dumpodjasanem.cz

  • Music Summer Trutnov
    Afternoon concerts of Trutnov bands on stage before UFFO-SCT.
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz


  • The World of Flowers
    Sales exhibition of flowers, plants and woods with a rich accompanying program in the Upper old Town.
    Organizer: Český zahrádkářský svaz Trutnov, www.svetkvetin.eu
  • Dance Festival Trutnov
    Dance open workshops for the public with the opportunity to get acquainted with interesting dance techniques and get to know lectures from other countries. 
    Organizer: ZUŠ Trutnov, www.zustrutnov.cz/dance.aspx


  • Trutnov fair                                                          on the first Sunday in September
    Traditional fair with crafts, products and accompanying program.
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz
  • European Heritage Days
    Also accessible are monuments that are normály closed or served to other purposes.
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz

  • Taking off the dragon
    Ceremonial removal of the dragon from the tower of the Old Town Hall and its storage for the winter sleep. The event symbolically ends  attractions streets of the summer in the city and is an accompanied by music, stalls, jugglers and snacks.
    Organizer: Trutnov - město draka, www.trutnovmestodraka.cz


  • Autumn in Trutnov
    An international Chamber Music Festival
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz
  • International Exhibition of railway models
    Moving train sets, diverse yards and modest modeler’s work
    Organizer: Středisko volného času Trutnov, www.svctrutnov.cz


  • Nativity Scene Exhibition                                      
    Historical and contemporary, wooden, knitted, sewn, made of paper and other materials are nativity scenes lent to this pre-Christmas exhibition.
    Organizer: Středisko volného času Trutnov, www.svctrutnov.cz


  • Old Bohemian Christmas at the Museum Dům pod jasanem
    The magical atmosphere of Christmas creation is complemented by carols and traditional entertainment.
    Organizer: Tkalcovské muzeum, www.dumpodjasanem.cz

  • Christmas Tree
    Traditional lighting of the Christmas tree at Krakonosovo Square with carols and fair.
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz
  • Small Advent Markets
    Traditional combination of crafts and good ideas.
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz
  • New Year’s Eve Fireworks
    Farewell to the old year.
    Organizer: UFFO-SCT, www.uffo.cz